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Broken Charm mBx Technology provides a reliable, time-tested way to split files of any size over any medium.

Split Features

  • split files over any medium (network, fixed disk)
  • span files over any medium (removable disk)
  • choose multiple destinations for split pieces
  • name and size each split piece precisely
  • use automated disk-in-drive detection
  • protect contents of split destination
  • log results of split operation

Unite Features

  • use self uniting executables for effortless unites
  • execute commands after successful unite
  • crc32 to verify authenticity of unite
  • protect unite location contents
  • unite to any location
  • log unite results

Batch, Automated Processing

  • automatically split and unite files
  • move large files over corporate networks
  • logging and safety features assure data integrity

The Broken Charm mBx File Split Engine is featured in our product Visual Split Studio. Please contact us if you wish to license the mBx Engine for use within your own environment.


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