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Codex Plug-In Technology defines a new open standards API for data compression services.
Codex Applications provide unique interfaces and functionality to end-users. They are isolated from the archive types they work with, delegating all compression calls to the Codex API/Codex Plug-Ins.
Codex Applications
  Codex API  

Codex Plug-Ins implement data compression services and support one or more archive types. Installing a Codex Plug-In registers it with the Codex Subsystem on the machine, making it available to all installed Codex Applications.

The Codex API is a RAD (rapid application development) layer encapsulating the interaction between Codex Applications and Codex Plug-Ins. Applications can bypass the API and directly access the underlying Codex Plug-Ins.

If you are looking for applications developed using Codex Plug-In Technology, visit the Codex Applications page.

If you are interested in obtaining real-world source code examples illustrating the use of the RAD Codex API, visit the Codex Power Toys page.


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